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Octagonal Seasoning Machine


The barrel body of the octagonal seasoning machine is designed with stainless steel octagonal shape, which can make the food materials to be processed and the desired seasonings fully mix evenly in a short time and automatically discharge, and it is convenient to clean and disinfect without dead angle, and the structure of the machine is simple and practical. Of course, it is the main product in the french fries production line.


Model Dimension Weight Power Capacity
CY800 1000*800*1300 130 1.1 300kg/h
CY1000 1100*1000*1300 150 1.5 500kg/h



1. The octagonal  seasoning machine design avoids the disadvantages of the raw material of the ball seasoning barrel not turning;

2. In a short period of time, the food materials to be processed are thoroughly mixed with  seasonings;

3. Automatic tilting to send food materials;

4. Rotate smoothly with low noise;

5. Stainless steel material appearance is neat and simple. 


The octagonal seasoning machine is suitable for food seasoning, feeding, hanging pulp, and so on. The octagonal mixer is used for the mixing of the seasoning powder in the later stage of food processing or the powder coating of the raw materials and the special blending.

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