How to choose frying machine

Frying machine

Users often encounter the choice of frying machine when asked: in the end the choice of heating oil heating, or the use of electric heating? What are the fundamental differences between the two?

To put it simply: everyone will recognize that McDonald’s McDonald’s chicken is the representative of fried products, their processing methods from energy efficiency, quality, cost and other aspects can be considered advanced.

The heating mode of frying machine includes gas mode, indirect heating method of heat conducting oil and electric heating mode.
Frying machine
The frying temperature of frying products is generally above 180 degrees, up to 205 degrees, because the burning point / smoke point of various oils is about 230 degrees.

Heat conduction oil heating needs an external heat conduction oil boiler. The special grease with high heat capacity and non-expansion of heat medium is used. Its main advantages are:

(1) the heat distribution in the frying machine is uniform.

(2) there will be no oil temperature rise and fall, so the color and quality of fried products are more stable.

(3) The input temperature of the heat conductive oil is 260 degrees, the output temperature is 240 degrees, and the temperature difference is 20 degrees. The damage degree to the frying oil is low and the service life is longer.

(4) the use of spare parts of frying machine is limited.

(5) frying machine is easy to clean.

The electric heating method is simple and can be used as long as the power is connected, but its main disadvantages are:

(1) the exchange temperature is high, that is, the surface temperature of the electric heating tube is more than 300 degrees, which destroys the frying oil very much.

(2) spare parts, especially electrical components, including electric heating pipes, need to be replaced on time, with higher cost.

(3) it is not easy to clean, because the bottom and surface of the electric heating tube will be attached to oil residue.

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