French fries picking line & Conveyor belt

french fries picking line
french fries picking line

A brief introduction to the French fries picking line:

After starting the machine, place the material on the French fries picking line (or directly from the previous process to the picking line). Manually select unqualified defective products and remove unqualified parts on the side operating panels. Qualified materials are transported from the upper picking line to the next processor collection vessel.

The picking line has the advantages of strong conveying capacity, long conveying distance, simple structure, and easy maintenance. It facilitates programmatic control and automation. Use the continuous or intermittent movement of the picking line to transport items below 100KG.

french fries picking line
french fries picking line


Application of the French fries picking line:

Single layer picking line for material selection and conveying. It is suitable for a variety of food processing plants, such as vegetable deep processing plants, fruit processing factories, meat processing industries, biscuit deep processing plants and so on. It mainly selects materials that are not qualified in the process, so that the quality of the finished products is higher. At the same time, the qualified material is transported to the next processing step in the production line.

Features of the French fries picking line:

  • Manual sorting
  • Cut off the unqualified part of the material
  • The qualified product is automatically transported to the next process through the

picking line

  • The picking line is made of safe and environmentally friendly PVC material. The frame is made of food grade 304 stainless steel
  • Suitable for food processing of various foods, especially for leaf or root material
  • Can be used alone or connected to the production line
  • Its advantages are high speed, smooth operation, and low noise.

Advantages of the French fries picking line:

  • Picking line equipment run smoothly and adjustable speed
  • The picking line is made of PVC, and the support shaft is installed under the conveyor belt to make the operation more stable.
  • Install the support shaft under the picking line to prevent the material from being too heavy to bend the picking line.
  • The device is simple to manufacture, easy to operate and can be used by opening the switch. It supports front and rear processes for food processing.
  • Motor specifications are determined according to the load of the fuselage, using a high-quality brand motor, safe and reliable.
  • Brake design of the base, good stability, easy to move, can be fixed according to demand.
  • Adjustable screw: adjustable lifting platform for adjusting the height of the conveyor.
  • Frequency converter: adjust the speed of the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt runs smoothly, the speed is adjustable.
French fries production line
French fries production line

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