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Drum Potato Chips Seasoning Machine

Drum Potato Chips Seasoning Machine9


Drum Potato Chips Seasoning Machine is automatic and easy to operate with high output. It is made of stainless steel. Its length and diameter can be customized according to customer’s needs. It can be used alone or in combination with a production line. It can be used for seasoning and mixing of any food. It is currently the most advanced Potato Chips Seasoning Machine.



Model Dimension Weight Power Capacity
CY2400 2400*1000*1500 300 0.75 1000kg/h
CY3000 3000*1000*1600 380 1.1 1500kg/h



automatic equipment, easy to operate, high output, even mixing, stainless steel production. Potato Chips Seasoning Machine integrates electromagnetic, light control, electronic control and digital delay, and has a high degree of automation.


Drum Potato Chips Seasoning Machine is used for seasoning in the food production process. The machine has a tilting seasoning roller that automatically controls the speed and material capacity for continuous line seasoning. It is equipped with a spiral powder feeding device and is automatically stirred while dusting, so that the seasoning does not occur due to different specific gravity, returning halogen, and forming deposits, bonds, and awnings.

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