Potato chips processing PRODUCTS




The dehydrator machine is mainly used for drying fruits and vegetables and is especially suitable for processing food products. The principle of medical centrifugation does not harm the raw materials, and easy operation, saving trouble and effort. Just put the ingredients in the bucket and turn on the switch. It is a vital machine in the potato chip production line.

2.Working principle

The material is uniformly placed in the sieve basket and flattened, placed in the cage, and the upper cover is closed. The dehydrator machine automatically starts working, and the centrifugal force of the cage operation causes the moisture of the material in the basket to be taken out of the basket and is removed by the drain port.


(1)With the shock-proof design, the dehydrator machine does not rotate during dehydration.

(2)With a digital control system, the rotation speed can be adjusted according to user needs and raw materials set time, it is very convenient and efficient and can ave your waiting time.

(3)The dehydrator is made of stainless steel, no rust, it is the primary choice for food processing, it can meet food processing requirements.

(4)Large-diameter drains can quickly remove water from the dehydrator and improve work efficiency.

(5)Adjusted bolts to avoid vibration caused by uneven discharge on uneven ground.

4.Technical parameter

Name Model Size Weight Power Capacity
Dehydrator machine TZ-400 1000*500*700mm 360kg 1.1kw 300kg
TZ-500 1100*600*750mm 380kg 1.5kw 400kg
TZ-600 1200*700*750mm 420jg 2.2kw 500kg
TZ-800 1400*900*800mm 480kg 3kw 700kg



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