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Bubble washing machine

Bubble cleaning machine

Applicable to: cleaning, soaking of granular, leafy and rhizome products such as vegetables, fruits, and aquatic products.


Product details:

The Bubble washing machine using a bubble rolling, brushing, spraying technology, to maximize the objective cleaning. Wash clean with a high energy, water, stable and reliable equipment to maintain the original color and other characteristics. Is the ideal equipment vegetables, food processing, catering, and other industries.



1. The Bubble washing machine uses stainless steel sink main body made of 2mm thick 304 stainless steel,

2. The washing machine can be tailored according to every single user their different processing characteristics, the maximum extent to meet process requirements.

3.washing speed infinitely adjustable, the user can arbitrarily set according to different cleaning content.

4The washing machine compact structure, the high degree of automation, suitable for a variety of clean processing enterprises.

Product parameters:

Model Dimension (mm) Weight Power Capacity
TZ2500 2500*1000*1300 180kg 3.75kw 500kg/h
TZ4000 4000*1200*1300 400kg 4.1kw 800kg/h
TZ5000 5000*1200*1300 500kg 5.1kw 1500kg/h
TZ6000 6000*1200*1300 600kg 5.5kw 2000kg/h


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