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Brush peeling and washing machine

Brush peeling and washing

Product details:

Brush peeling and washing machine is cleaned with a brush and equipped with a rotating brush with a high-pressure spray. The cleaning effect is good and the stain on the surface of fruits and vegetables can be thoroughly cleaned.


Product application:

Brush peeling and washing machine for peeling and washing of taro skin, cassava skin, Potato skin, etc. Very clean and easy to operate, can keep the integrality and smoothness of vegetables.very suitable for vegetable industry or restaurant !



  1. The machine is made of high quality. Stainless steel, clean and hygienic, can be customized according to customer requirements.
  2. The brush roller material has been treated by a special process, durable, good wear resistance,
  3. The machine has beautiful appearance, large peeling and washing capacity, high efficiency, low energy consumption, etc.


Product parameters:

Model Dimension(mm) Weight Power Capacity
TZ800 1580*850*800 180kg 1.1kw 700kg/h
TZ1000 1780*850*800 220kg 1.5kw 1000kg/h
TZ1200 1980*850*800 240kg 1.5kw 1200kg/h
TZ1500 2280*850*800 260kg 2.2kw 1500kg/h
TZ1800 2580*850*800 280kg 2.2kw 1800kg/h
TZ2000 2780*850*800 320kg 3kw 2000kg/h
TZ2600 3400*850*800 600kg 4kw 3000kg/h


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