Automatic Discharging Fried food de-oiling de-watering machine

Brief introduction:

The French fries de-oiling machine, due to its feature of the centrifugal roller rotating technology, it also is known as the centrifugal fried snack de-oiling machine. Under the forced high-speeded centrifugal spinning generated by the powerful motor, the extra oil on the surface of fried potato chips spatters from the inside of the porous cylinder to the outer layer barrel. The waste oil will be collected after the oil waste stream out through the outlet pipe into the waste barrel.

Wide application:

The French fries de-oiling machine as an important auxiliary device in the fried food industry is designed to drain extra water or oil from the surface of raw material so as to realize smooth production by shortening the time of preprocessing. By removing the extra water or oil remains on the unfinished products, the products can be seasoned or packaged immediately without wasting time on laborious manual water or oil draining. This machine is applicable to French fries production line, quick frozen dry vegetable snack production line, and so on.


  1. The fried peanut de-oiling machine developed by Taizy with the advanced centrifugal technology adopted is the ideal facility in the dried food or frozen dry snack production line.
  2. The stainless steel construction endows the de-oiler with features of durable service, low maintenance, easy cleaning, etc.
  3. In order to ensure the safe work of fried food de-oiling machine, a shock absorber is reliably mounted, and it is a means of prolonging the service life of the dewatering machine’s centrifugal roller.
  4. Through adjusting the electric speed regulator, proper and effective extra oil removing effect can be obtained without causing damage to raw materials.
  5. Save, effective, and easy operation.

Professional after-sale service:

  1. Prior to leaving the factory, all machine will be inspected and tested by running loaded machine testing. Finished products will not be delivered until it passed all test and in line with the international quality standard on an export commodity. The proper and ideal function of Shuliy’s final products will be guaranteed to ensure the smooth operation for your profitable business.
  2. All-around pre-sale and after-sale services are provided including on-line installation instruction, on-site or online maintenance, professional operation training, and recipes if required. All services will be conducted in a pleasant, meticulous and considerable manner.
  3. Taizy always sticks to the principle of establishing and leveraging our esteems by providing quality food processing machine and qualified services.
French chips
frozen potato chips

The parameter of the fried snack centrifugal de-oiler:

Model Capacity Voltage


Power Size
SLPL-950 2 -5 tons/h  380V


5.5kw 5000*950*1400(mm)


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