What are the characteristics of the products produced by potato chips?

potato chips production line

Potato chip production line hoist: lifting material into the peeling machine.

Cleaning and peeling machine: potatoes come in after cleaning and peeling, while feeding, side discharge, continuous.

Picking line: pick and remove the potatoes that are peeled and cleaned, and pick them out if they are bad.

Hoist: lift clean and peeled clean potatoes into slicing and cutting machine.

Potato chips machine: The peeled potatoes are continuously put into the inlet, and the chips produced by the chips production line are automatically cut out.

Rinse line: wash potato chips and chips and wash the starch.

Blanching line: blanching potato chips and blanching and adding additives.

Air cooled dehydrator: blow the dried potato chips on the surface and dry them for deep frying.

Frying line: fried potato chips and French fries.

In order to satisfy the various working conditions, we usually use different places, working environment, technical performance and types of conveying materials in the potato chips production line. In addition to the more commonly used belt conveyors, there are also many new types of special belt conveyors, of which the representative ones are: Large inclination angle belt conveyor, deep groove belt conveyor and pressure belt conveyor, tubular belt conveyor, air cushion belt conveyor, plane bending belt conveyor, line friction conveyor belt conveyor and so on, there are many kinds of classifications for refinement.

potato chips production line

Deoiling line of potato chips production line: Take off the oil from the surface of fried potato chips. Seasoning line: Season the fried potato chips and chips.

Air-cooled pick line: fry potato chips and fry them for packaging, and pick up unqualified potato chips and chips.

Products produced by automatic lines should have sufficient output; products and processes should be advanced, stable and reliable, and remain basically unchanged for a long time. The use of automatic lines in mass and mass production can increase labor productivity, stabilize and improve product quality, improve labor conditions, and reduce production area. In order to reduce production cost, shorten production cycle and ensure production balance, it has significant economic benefits.

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