How to Use Fully Automatic Packaging Machine Properly

Puffed food packaging machine


Puffed food packaging machine


Fully automatic packaging machines invented and developed by Shuliy is the combination of advanced packing technology at home and aboard, and the joint efforts made by Shuliy and her customers. The operation method of the fully automatic packaging machines is described in detail in the instruction manual, however, people usually leave the manual aside after receiving it, so we they encounter with problems in operation, they cannot find the instruction manual immediately. In case of facing problems often occur when using the equipment, there are advises as following.


automatic packaging machines


  1. Avoid strong light exposure. Since the operation of the automatic baling machine is supervised by a photoelectric sensor, it is necessary to avoid strong light irradiation to prevent the interference causing sensor failure due to the influence of strong light exposure.
  2. Return the packing bag belt to the packing belt disk after the operation. The packing bag belt of the automatic packaging machines is stored in the packing bag belt box mounted on the machine, but if the packing belt been stored for a long time, it will be deformed, and then there will be consequences of the stuck belt or misplaced belt.
  3. Avoid operating in a damp environment. The damp working environment will not only make the depreciation speed of equipment particularly fast but also will have a certain negative impact on the safety of operators, so, consider of these two aspects, operators should try to avoid working equipment in a damp environment.

In conclusion, the service life and failure rate of full automatic packaging machines are directly related to its operation and working environment. In order to reduce the occurrence of faults, users should acquaint of correct operation methods and implement them accordingly.

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